Twee Alta 4-EVENT COWS in je afkalfstal

Help ze om beide Alta 4-EVENT COWS te worden

[vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″]Denk aan uw afkalfstal. Daar staat een verse koe met haar pasgeboren vaarskalf. Een nieuwe start voor beiden. Zowel de koe als haar vaarskalf wil je zien ontwikkelen tot een Alta 4-momenten koe.

Laat DE KOE goed opstarten na afkalven

Wanneer de transitie, het afkalven en het verse koeien management goed op orde zijn, is de kans veel groter dat de koe daadwerkelijk een probleemloze, zogenaamde 4-EVENT COW wordt. Toekomstige vruchtbaarheidsproblemen en gezondheidsrisico’s ontstaan vaak al in de transitie. Om te zorgen dat u meer 4-EVENT COWS in de stal krijgt, ondersteunen wij uw management graag met de volgende hulpmiddelen.

1. Activiteits- en herkauw monitoring systeem Alta COW WATCH spoort naast tochtigheden ook vroegtijdig gezondheidsproblemen op. Het systeem geeft een melding wanneer de koe te lang ligt, te weinig voer opneemt of te weinig herkauwt. Dit zijn de eerste tekenen dat het dier zich niet goed voelt. Dit is voornamelijk erg belangrijk bij verse koeien, omdat er dan preventieve maatregelen genomen kunnen worden en voorkomen kan worden dat het dier ziek wordt. Dit scheelt tijd, arbeid en behandelkosten.

2. A nutritional calcium supplement, like RumiLife® CAL24™ given at calving, will get your cows off to the right start. CAL24 is the simplest way to promote proper calcium levels so you can also avoid the fresh cow problems that often accompany subclinical milk fever. Plus, you can give a full dose of two CAL24 boluses at once, right after calving, so you don’t need to catch each cow again 12 hours later. That saves time, labor, and stress on you and the cow.

Getting THE CALF off to the right start at birth

She’s still a couple years away, but this newborn calf can be a future Alta 4-EVENT COW if you give her the best care, right from the start. That includes keeping a clean environment, offering a low-stress entrance into the world, and remembering the 3 Q’s of colostrum after she’s born.

  1. Quickly – feed colostrum as soon as possible, and ideally within two hours after birth for optimal transfer of immunity
  2. Quantity – ensure that you feed colostrum with enough fat and enough IgGs
    • 100 grams of IgG is the minimum amount a calf needs
    • 150-200 grams of IgG is the gold standard to give that calf the best possible start
  1. Quality – if you use maternal colostrum, test it first with the Brix refractometer. Use the following guidelines to know whether a colostrum replacement or supplement, like Calf’s Choice Total® (CCT) Colostrum is needed.
    • Brix < 18%: Replace maternal colostrum with CCT.
    • Brix = 18%-22%: Supplement maternal colostrum with CCT.
    • Brix = 22%-25%: Supplementation is optional for excellent passive transfer of immunity.
    • Brix > 25%: No supplement is required.

The first meal is the most important one that a calf will ever have. It’s a known fact that calves have fewer health problems when they’re given the best immunity and energy in their first meal – colostrum. Studies show that proper colostrum management lends way to higher average daily gains (ADG), which in turn yields higher production levels once that calf freshens in for the first time.

So in that calf’s first hours, keep these 3 Q’s of colostrum in mind, to help set her up for a successful future as an Alta 4-EVENT COW.

Help them both become Alta 4-EVENT COWS

The calf and cow in your maternity pen can both be future 4-EVENT COWS in your herd. Start them on their way by getting them off to the right start after calving and the right start at birth.

Work with your trusted Alta advisor to see how you can incorporate Alta COW WATCH, RumiLife CAL24, and CCT Colostrum in your herd, or learn more about each, at the links below:

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